Rewards we wait for and watch, yet never see

It was something to look forward to.
The soundtrack, or rather a song or two

I borrowed from it.

Carried me from class to frass, to class
Like I was the girl on fire,

and I was


Coldplay singing the opening of the credits.

The hunger games catching fire

I finally watched it, two years after reading it, months after its release. Not a friend, nor a single soul to accompany my own to view it in the vast venue.
My living room, warm and neat, My son’s rhythmic snores behind me in tune with the film’s somber yet resilient tone.
Something to look forward to indeed.

I saw the film. I’ve lived through my own hunger games.

The fine folks in the welfare and food stamp office can tell you.

Shot an arrow here and there when my island clock simply counted the hours but never changed the day to night or night to day.

And what a difference a day can make.


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