The mighty mighty Bos-tone: Seas

From the open screen door a collaborative storm of wind and rain nearly drown out the hum of a distant but clear alarm. Sounding off from a nearby source, it is of no concern to the warm and dry residents on the second floor of let’s just call it, Block street.

Christmas Eve is now, and I am miles from home.
However, to remain consistent with the season, I’ll use more than a few cliches…

“Home is where the heart is”
My heart is in my chest.
However my BF is in the kitchen, and the smell of Clam chowder among other New England, and Italian delicacies is making this Rhode Island native right at home in Beantown; BUT if I am to borrow from the other gender…

“The way to a Man’s (and woman’s) heart is through his stomach.”

With the heavenly aroma of Clam chowder wafting in from the kitchen, and the soft hum of other mouth-watering Italian delicacies simmering on the stove top, this RI native feels more than at home in Bean town this holiday season. 


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