Drive or be Driven

If boredom can drive one to do any number of things, then why is it that we can even allow ourselves to be depicted as such? With my next class starting in just under a half hour, I cant help but cherish this slightly ambiguous “feeling” that can only be boredom. As today marks the very first day of classes, and with the exception of Chemistry, none of the study materials for any course will be available just this minute. So it seems that with each 60 minute break I have been allotted between classes (4 thus far)… I have found myself in a state of mind I couldn’t readily name until I began this post. I had the choice to take off earlier today, missing the class i just attended, and litterally ‘Drive’ away the boredom with a short road trip to my doctor’s office for an appointment I decided was better to have tomorrow. As it stands, I opted to keep my personal promise of attending all my classes, and relish this fleeting time that can be filled with nothing but me and my own thoughts, free of guilt or responsibility and simply be bored. The days of reading pages upon pages of foreign and complex material are only around the corner, and although the fervor of putting forth my best efforts this semester do excite me, I cant help but fully indulge this quiet, moment where my only feeling is calm, content, and if not Bored, ready for something more. Perhaps its the drive, or simply being driven… Either way, my own feet will do for now… Cheers